Everything You Needed To Know About Family Based Immigration

Published on by Michael Salamone

Immigration is a process through which people move from one country to another, either for a temporary length of time or for a longer or more permanent time period.  One of the most common types of immigration is known as family based immigration in which people apply to move to the country in which their spouse or family resides.  If you are someone who is looking to apply for a permanent residency in a foreign land through family based immigration, then there are many things that you might want to be clear on.

The following is all the information you need about family based immigration in MD or elsewhere:

  • Family based immigration, in no way is an easy process. It is a complicated procedure, one which may need you to work a lot on paperwork, get your facts right and show a lot of patience. Most people consider hiring family based immigration lawyers to help them on the path of immigration but some may even work without the help of these experts.
  • If your husband or spouse lives abroad and has a residency status in that country, then you have the option of applying for a green card through him/her.  This process can be very lengthy and may sometimes even go on for years, depending upon how strong or weak your application is. This is where the role of an immigration lawyer comes into play as these individuals know exactly what must go into your application to make it convincing for the authorities.
  • In case any other family member of yours such as your father or mother holds a permanent residency status to another nation, then too you can apply for a green card but may need to present many supporting evidences to strengthen your application.  Most people need to undergo a strict and thorough medical examination, fingerprint scanning and other security clearances to prove their family relation with the person.
  • If you are not yet married but are engaged, then you may apply for foreign citizenship on the basis of the engagement.  In such a case, you might need to apply for the K-1 visa which allows to enter the country of your fiancée. But in this situation, you might have to get married to your fiancée within a specified period of time. There are many other similar considerations and rules which might need to be followed in such a case.

Family based immigration is just one type of immigration process which is highly complex. Some other common types of immigration processes include asylum immigration, education based immigration, employment immigration and others.  In either of the cases, a lawyer or an expert might be required for help and advice. These experts have the knowledge, experience, skills and the know-how of how each case is to be handled. If you are looking for a family based immigration lawyer or an asylum immigration lawyer in Arlington, then you can log on to Mark Law Immigrant

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